Legends Untold

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As deep as an RPG, as fast as a card game! A Co-operative Adventure card game that allows a party of 1-4 players (1-8 with both starter sets) to explore a deep and colourful world, populated by strange curiosities, challenging trials and intelligent foes.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Dice competition results and a brief look at Dun Mordhain
13 days ago – Sat, Dec 01, 2018 at 08:45:12 PM

Hi guys,

Dice Competition winner
Sketches from Dun Mordhain
Future Developments

wow - lots of entries into the dice rolling competition but technically (I use that in loose terms as this is a bit like me pushing pause on the music as we play musical statues) I make it that a double dragon was rolled at 40 seconds.

I've paused the video at 39 seconds and the dice are still moving.

Which means err...nobody won!

However, James Philips had 39 seconds and Tim Reid has 41 seconds.  I have therefore added a free set of dice to both your pledges - thanks to everyone for entering and well done guys!

Here is the video for those that want to see dice being rolled - is that a thing?

Perhaps more usefully you can see that I roll:

10, 5, 10, 11, 9, 9, 7, 7, 12.

I can assure you that I had the blessings of the Three Dragons (it's a Brethren phrase) that day!  My regular gaming buddies will happily attest that I know what it is like to get sucky dice rolls on any given day :)

Please bear in mind this was just meant to be a bit of fun - nothing more than that folks!

Sketches from Dun Mordhain

For this update I thought you may like to see some of the sketches of Dun Mordhain. This is part of an ongoing project I have to map out Dun Mordhain in 3D.  This is a big task (Dun Mordhain is truly huge). However this helps me make sure that the canon remains tight and that the world building lore we will share with you remains linked to the 3d model (if I write about it - you should be able to visit it at some point).

Please bear in mind these  are sketch quality - nothing more than that!
This is a street from the Clifton district which sits high up on the cliffs looking over the bog you will be travelling through to gain access to The Great Sewer. The architecture here is a mixture of the Newcomer preference for curves with the Brethren style of monumental columns and scale. This is a very wealthy district, effectively colonised by The Newcomers after the Treaty of The Peoples. Those Newcomers who have settled in Dun Mordhain have bought up the land and are imposing their own feel in this part of city. The avenue leads down to Glassrock Hill Sanctuary which is the area behind the gated section:

This is that same district but viewed from the acropolis right at the top of the city. You can see the edge of the bog of to the left beyond the cliffs and Far Gate way off in the distance on the horizon. In the foreground you can see Henge Hill:

 The reverse view here lets you look up at the Acropolis and the geography of Clifton:

Finally this image here lets you see Dun Mordain from high above. Note that the Eagle Bridge and Floating Castle that some of you may remember from the initial Kickstarter image would be off to the left of this picture. The models will be joined in due course:

Future DevelopmentsI have been getting asked a lot recently about expansions and so forth. I'd like to copy something I said on BGG on the matter:

There can be no quick launch for ASID (A Step Into Darkness). As you can see the most challenging part we have with Legends is it's vision 'All the depth of an RPG with the speed of a card game - no GM required.' For 3,500 people this means different things.

I have had people ask us to make it more simple, a basic hack n slash dungeon crawl with much lighter rules. I have also had people ask us to raise the complexity level further - why can't we also do x,y,z?  

For us this becomes a real challenge as it is impossible to meet the requirements of every single gamer. The advice we received from backers on the last update was to stick to our vision - to give you the depth of an RPG but the speed of a card game.

The challenge we have is that to do this we are trying to condense the typical core rules of an RPG (say 500+ pages) into a small document. The core Legends rulebook is c.60 pages of A5 so that makes it 30 pages of A4. This is a fraction of the typical RPG books you would have to read, however we are trying to encapsulate that level of depth for you in the Legends game design ethos.  

However, there is no getting away from it, to provide the depth that we believe the game warrants, and that we sold it on in the punchline, requires us to have that depth in the rules. The difficult part is of course that unlike many RPGs there is no GM to tell you what to do. This is why we got Paul involved to help streamline the mechanics and to blind test the game.

What we need to do is to get that game to you and see how it lands. It may be that 'all the depth of an RPG' is indeed too deep! In preparation for any potential future launch, all we can do just now is work away at the things which we think will improve the game for you. We think we have some ideas that will add a lot of interest but there is no point in us launching ASID until we get some feedback on the core game.

Best wishes to you all folks.


First ever look at Dragon Dice in packaging
22 days ago – Fri, Nov 23, 2018 at 01:46:47 AM

Hey guys,

super quick update from me today.

Here is a video from China of the finished Dragon Dice in their packaging. This is really exciting for us as this is the first time I have seen this myself!

With this complete, we are now another step closer to getting you the game!

In terms of the rest of the SKUs, Whatz have confirmed that the raw materials have been delivered and printing begins next week.  Please note that the games still have to go through die cut and assembly after that, which takes a considerable amount of time because the tooling needs to be set up for each component.

Whatz have again confirmed that the games will be on the boat before January 25.  It is still being finalised but this would mean that you should get your games roughly by the end of March.  We are told 6-10 weeks from port of departure to delivery is a good working estimate. I am very wary of giving you anything other than what we are told is the realistic date. I know you want the games sooner folks, this is why I am trying to keep you in the loop every step of the way.

To celebrate getting the Dragon Dice in their new packaging I thought it would be fun to have a quick competition?  We will give away a free set of Dragon Dice to the person who can guess correctly how long it took for me to roll a double dragon with these two dice.  The competition is open to all Backers and Pre-order customers. If you want to take part please just put your comment with the time below.

We will accept entries up until Monday morning UK time. We will also accept entries on the IG Facebook page from Preorder customers who can't comment here. 

To be clear guys, this is just meant to be a bit of fun - you get to see how good (or bad) I am at rolling dice:)

In other news I continue to work on a lore update for you. I want to make sure it hits the right tone and so it is still going through some editing work, I will share it with you when it is finished.

Best wishes to you all folks!

Manufacturing, How to Play video.
about 1 month ago – Wed, Nov 14, 2018 at 01:18:02 AM

Hi guys,

Manufacturing update
How to Play video
Future plans

it's been a while since the last one, we just needed a few days rest as the adrenalin had really dropped out of us after getting the files off to the manufacturer and pushing the button. Which leads to...

Manufacturing update
Nope not a typo, Legends Untold is being made - in fact manufacturing started last week! Whatz have confirmed that they will have the game made and on the boat before Chinese New Year.  I will confirm more to you the moment I have more detailed news.  This is the part that all those seasoned Creators out there have told us there is not much we can do but wait patiently on the manufacturer.

Why did the files go last week?  Well since the last update the proofs moved back and forth twice with the manufacturer and I was just about to push the button when I spotted a PAR error on one card.  Nobody inside or outside IG had noticed these during the process. Of course the first thing I did was check all the other cards for PAR errors.

What is this PAR thing?  It means 'Play After Roll'. What we have tried to do with Legends is make it abundantly clear with your talents whether you play an ability before you roll (the default) or after you roll (much rarer and a more powerful ability).  To make this clear we created a PAR icon (a die with an exclamation mark in it) so that you could tell in one glance whether an ability on a talent card was a PAR ability or not. 

However a couple of the talent cards had PAR icons where they should have and a couple did not.  Here is a good example:

If you look at the ability called 'Beat Down', the text could be construed that you could perform this action before or after you roll (though doing this before you roll would be very risk reward and this would be expensive for a drain ability).  The ability should in fact be played after you roll, hence a PAR icon should have been present.  This has now been rectified. This has been done to eliminate confusion and to reduce the need for a FAQ on this card.

Also - the tiniest of things but I spotted it on the millionth pass.  The upgraded sling in Weeping Caves had the correct card code but actually had the Great Sewers icon. 
I understand how this has happened, on the initial hard copy proof we received in the summer the Sling and Javelin got mixed up in the sets (the Javelin should have been in the Sewers set - to match the box art).  This was rectified but somehow the set icon slipped through. You would have figured it out via the card code anyway but I was glad I spotted it.

How to Play video

You asked for a How to Play video and I said we would sort that for you.  Please see the video below from Liz at Beyond Solitaire. We are massively grateful to Liz for doing this, she has done a great job of explaining the walkthrough. For accuracy purposes please note one thing (as the video is so accurate on everything else),  at 33mins after successfully resolving the Squeeze Ascent Barrier card an Adventure card should be drawn.
As I say I think Liz has done a great job - I hope you find the video useful.

Future Plans
One thing has become clear to us on this journey. There are many different opinions on what Legends Untold should be and what people want it to be.  On the one hand we have had people asking for the game to be fast, simple, a quick dungeon crawl. On the other hand some of you want it full of depth and complexity - an RPG without a GM. For us this makes it hard to tread that line carefully and give you what you want.  We have been able to reflect on this somewhat and I would say that inevitably LU has to sit somewhere between those two extremes.  If we make it too fast and simple you will basically get a hack and slash dungeon crawl. To many that would not be a bad thing but there is no lack of those games on the market already, I'm not sure Legends would fulfil any particular niche in that respect.  Equally so, whilst to many of you a game offering all of the depth we can possibly imagine seems appealing, in our experience when there is no GM there to explain it some of you will be put off.

We are still pondering this one and where to go next.  For us the vision remains as before - to give you that RPG like experience but with the speed of a card game.  If we stray too far away from an RPG we are not doing our job, equally so if the game becomes cumbersome then it loses the attraction of speed and simplicity.

To be clear we have a whole world out there to share with you and many interesting ideas we want to bring to the table for you.  However, for now, we want to draw breath for a bit and see how the game lands with you, the backers.  Further adventures in Mor Nadar await (indeed I'm trying out something with the Gnimshka this very week) but we need some feedback from you guys to make sure we give you those adventures in the way you want to play them.

I want to add a special thanks to all of you who have messaged me (and commented) with your support over the past few weeks.  Knowing that you guys are supportive and are keen to play makes a massive difference to us.

Very best wishes to you and all your familes.

Files at manufacturer, Player Aid, Reference card, box contents...
2 months ago – Sat, Oct 06, 2018 at 01:56:00 AM

Hey guys a few things to cover off:

1) Files were sent to the manufacturer last Saturday
2) New Player Aid (also covers game difficulty)
3) New reference card
4) Box Contents listed
5) Review
6) Playthrough videos to follow
6) Next steps

Files were sent to the Manufacturer last Saturday
As per my previous update the files were sent to China on schedule. To clarify the proofing query (how could more things be found?) the final proofing errors we caught were things like this:

 If you add in the Scout and Guard tokens that gives you 72 Tokens not 70.

Egana's weapon is the Spear not the Javelin - this had been missed by everyone but spotted by a backer - apologies I'm not sure who exactly but thank you!

I deliberately haven't used red circles here because they are used in the actual rulebook. Look carefully - you'll see that we call out everything except the final red circle (Creature Health).

Note on the promo cards the Loot and the Booby Trap numbers were the wrong way round. This was because we added this late in the day to turn the UKGE 2017/2018 promos cards into a cool adventure for all of you.  Basically two columns got transposed in the source file and we missed it first time round. You could play the adventure this way but you would probably die pretty quickly!

And for the eagle-eyed amongst you.  Note technically this should be GS-FO08 not GS-FO8.

All of these corrections (and a few more) have been corrected.

New Player Aid.
As per the previous update a number of the reviewers have commented that Legends is pretty straight forward once they get 'up the curve'. We changed the game to help head this off last year by adding a walkthrough and card almanac along with several reference cards. However the reviewers suggested a player aid would help further, one you can use to get up the curve and also as a further reference if you ever get stuck.  To be clear what they wanted to know was the absolute core elements of the game - the 'what do I do next' stuff without having to refer to the rulebook.

To this end we have created a Player Aid which covers off the Legends Untold engine in a short number of pages. We have tried to order it so that you just need to find the page relevant to your situation and follow the flow chart accordingly.  It is saved here:


You will see a file there called Player aid booklet. This is draft, we have tried to make it printer friendly and in booklet form so you can fold it into your game box if desired. A Cover and introduction page will be added in due course but we wanted to let you see the aid now. 

Please let us know what you think.

In terms of the game difficulty I wanted to address a number of the concerns that came about after the last update.  Legends Untold is absolutely the game that you bought into. We have not made it more complex or done anything to it which makes the game more difficult to understand than the original demo you saw on BGG or here.  Indeed by bringing in Paul we were able to streamline some elements to make it more straightforward (placing the cards over the footsteps at exits rather than aligning lighting levels for example).

The content provided in the Caves and Sewers campaign books, booster sets and promo cards is entirely optional.  Some of you may want to play the base scenarios and nothing else - that is great, the game accommodates you in this endeavour completely.  For those of you who want to explore the world of Mor Nadar and check out the Cinematic Campaign, or fancy trying your hand at being an Alchemist or a Druid then we thought (via the stretch goals you helped unlock) that this would be a cool thing to do.

There is no need for you to use the optional assets we are giving you, in the same way I think many of you will choose not to use the Legendary level of difficulty.  However we know that some of you will, and indeed are very passionate about it.  We are trying to accommodate all of you by letting you play the game you want to.  Legends Untold can be a one hour taste of an RPG or a one hour taste of a sprawling story where you decide the fate of the Sax people - it really is up to you.

New Reference Card

To help with the game we have also changed one of the previous duplicate reference cards to give you one with the Scouting, Surprise and Combat Tests on it. This was in direct response to reviewers who wanted to be able to see how these very important things worked without having to refer to the rulebook.  Here are the obverse and reverses for you to see - this is a better use of space than 2 copies of the turn summary which we were previously going to give you

Box Contents listed

We have been asked to remind you of what is in each box. The easiest way to do this is to point you at the list on BGG:

Review in
We received a very favourable review from the Tabletop Gaming magazine:


We are very pleased with this. We have poured a good amount of our life into the project and feel that this reflects well on the game!

Playthrough videos to follow

As requested an independent play through video is being made and will be posted when it is available. Liz at Beyond Solitaire has kindly agreed to turn around a video for us at short notice (to be clear folks the copy of the game arrived with her today). I think Liz has a real talent at teaching games clearly and step by step. I certainly look forward to seeing the video when it is ready!

Next steps
The next thing for us to do is to approve the digital proof.  It arrived yesterday!  Hugh and I are working on this now. We need to check that all of the cards have been layed out in the correct order with the correct obverse and reverse and that nothing odd has happened as part of the print assembly. 

Please note we are not waiting for further hard copy proofs to be sent to us, this is why we took the pain on this front over the last few months.  We are checking the digital proofs and then when everything is checked and agreed we will push the button on manufacturing.

This is what we are working on now and I will give you an update the moment we have pushed that button.

Best wishes to all of you from us here at Inspiring Games.


Progress Update
3 months ago – Fri, Sep 21, 2018 at 01:48:36 AM

Reviewers feedback
Files being updated

Reviewers Feedback

We have had consistent feedback now from a number of reviewers:
Unique, unlike anything else, great fun, great value for money, scratches that RPG itch, encourages you to roleplay. 

We are delighted with these comments.

However, they have also consistently said that because there is no GM that getting up 'the curve' is hard.  Once they understand the game they had no issues with it, but learning the game has proven to be difficult for some. Some of you may remember this is why we brought in a third party editor and this is why we brought in a walkthrough scenario to help people - there is no 'Kev App' unfortunately.

The consistent feedback seems to be that we need to provide a better player aid which will help you learn the thresholds for Scouting and how Booby Traps work etc. without having to refer to the Rulebook.

With that in mind we are adding a downloadable play aid for you all which we will post up on the Website and on BGG. It is 10 pages of A4 showing you the core engine, in effect the things you need to remember that the reviewers have commented upon. We shall introduce this play aid via the Brethren who are the narrators of Mor Nadar.  
Please note this play aid will not be added to the game components itself. We can't fit it in the box, and we don't think you will necessarily require it once you are 'up the curve'.  This is why we are making the file available electronically when it is finished. Here is the front cover for you to see. We will share the rest when it has been laid out properly.

Files being updated

The proofreading of the game files has been completed.  It took slightly longer than we anticipated but we are now done. We spotted a number of things on the books and cards that whilst minor would have frustrated you had we hit the publish button.  We are now finished with those and anticipate sending the files at the end of this month. 

The revised delivery date will be confirmed the moment the files go. It is indeed looking like January 2019 now which many of you had anticipated.  

This is not what we wanted, equally so we do not want you to have a game that:
a) has proofing errors in it that we are aware of
b) despite our very best efforts you are struggling to get up 'the curve' on.

We are trying our very best to ensure a quality product will reach your doorstep, I apologise for the slight delay that this has caused.

Kindest regards to you all