Legends Untold

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As deep as an RPG, as fast as a card game! A Co-operative Adventure card game that allows a party of 1-4 players (1-8 with both starter sets) to explore a deep and colourful world, populated by strange curiosities, challenging trials and intelligent foes.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Fulfilment close out update, remediaiton, thanks and a teaser
5 days ago – Sun, May 19, 2019 at 12:47:43 AM

Hey guys,

Fulfilment coming to a close

It has taken me a bit longer to get to this update than I had hoped, we've been spinning lots of plates for the past few weeks.

I am pleased to say that as of today the last pallet has been uploaded and 110 games are currently being sent out to addresses in Europe, Israel, Turkey and Nepal. If you have not received your game from us yet and have not received a notification from a courier you will receive an email from us by tomorrow giving you a fully trackable parcel solution from our Logistics partner Landmark Global.


This leaves one remaining pot of Kickstarter backers to address - remediation, specifically those packages where there has been an issue such as it not showing up, going to the wrong address, arriving with pieces missing etc.

The only way we can deal with remediation properly is to keep a central log and have an accurate view on what is happening with each and every case. I am pleased to say that practically all of the UK remediation has been completed and we have about a dozen cases across Europe that we are sorting out. If you are having problems or have concerns please contact us at:


It is far easier for us to respond to you quickly if you contact us here rather than using the Kickstarter messaging system.


In the meantime I wanted to thank everybody for their amazing support and patience. We now have thriving communities here, on BGG, and in the Legends Untold Facebook group where you are all helping each other and sharing ideas. That is fantastic, it's absolutely what we want, everyone sharing their experiences in Mor Nadar and building a world together.

A lot of you want to know more about ASID. We're not quite there yet folks, we need to get these last few games out and then ask YOU for some feedback.  In the meantime though, how about this for a wee teaser?

Best wishes to you and your families folks.

Keep telling those legends!



Fulfilment Update, Stock availability, Future plans
18 days ago – Sun, May 05, 2019 at 09:15:44 PM

Hi guys, 

by now a great many of you have received your games and have been telling us about the legends you are beginning to write. This is fantastic, but we know there are a few remaining who still need to get their rewards. With that in mind I want to make this a quick update and focus on the rearguard of the party.

Production Error

We became aware early in the process that a small number of the Caves sets have a production error in them that impacts on the double poker cards. You will be able to tell straight away as your copy of the Caves will have multiple versions of the Dark Lake in it, which is not correct. We arranged with Whatz to print a number of remediation packs for these sets which can be sent directly to you if you are impacted. Unfortunately we have no way of knowing if you are impacted until you open the Caves box. Whatz tell me that there are a maximum of 90 of the boxes printed which have this unlucky 'golden ticket' status. Whatz have already sent out the first drop of these packs. The second drop is going next week.

If you are impacted and need a remediation pack please contact me at:


Fulfilment Update

By now almost everyone who backed the game should have received it. We have been shipping the UK/European/Row ones out by SKU and country over the past weeks. The remaining countries/ Bailiwicks we are shipping to are:

Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Greece, Guernsey, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Israel, Cyprus, Nepal.

If you live in one of the named countries/ Bailiwicks above and have not received your game please do not panic they are scheduled for collection next week and will be with you as quickly as possible.

Stock availability

We are still completing the fulfilment process but the pre-order button has been ringing away like crazy. I wanted to let you, the backers, know where we are so you get first refusal on anything you want to add. For orders in the UK/Europe I can confirm the following:

Dragon Dice - we are totally sold out now.

Sewers Sets - we have very limited stocks remaining

Booster Sets - our stock is limited.

If you are interested in any of these items (in particular I'm thinking of those with Caves that may want the Sewers), please get in touch ASAP as we are rattling through these items.

Thank you to France

I wanted to give a quick shout out to our backers in France. I genuinely have no idea what happened this week but we have had a surge in orders to France. We've never seen anything like it! Thank you to whomever has made this happen!


With games now being delivered in their constituent territories I am please to confirm that Legends is available for retail in the UK now.

It will be available for retail in Germany in mid may.

If you want your local store in the States to stock Legends Untold please get in touch with our consolidator The Game Steward at:  thegamesteward@gmail.com 

Future Plans

Hugh and I are not going to do a project close high five until we know the last of you have received your games. We're not there yet and our key focus is on getting this sorted first. For now I will leave you with an excerpt I wrote on BGG. This was driven by a desire to help newcomers (Terran ones, not 'those' ones) to Legends Untold understand what it is and what we are trying to achieve.  The full article is on BGG and I would like to thank all of you for your support there. The excerpt I think that will be of most interest to you is:

The Vision
The vision of the Legends Project is to build a world together with our supporters for us all to enjoy. We want you all to benefit from a deep and immersive world that has a shared lore so that one person can speak to another about their experiences
For example, two or three years ago this sentence would have meant nothing to anybody but a handful of people:

We just had an adventure where we saved a Waradger from an Aegyptoi Slaver. After crossing the Treacherous Bridge we passed it on to a friendly Gnimshka Gemcutter who rewarded the party with tales of a secret society of Earthsun priests who are rumoured to have found an opening to the Silent Dark.

I would like to think that some of our supporters who are discovering this game would now be able to piece together what that means, and how the vision of the project is closely associated with both playing the game, but also immersing yourself in the experience. If Legends untold clicks for you it should feel like it makes you write your own stories, you should be telling your own legends with the framework assets that we have designed for you. (Note you are not missing cards, part of the above is a hint at ASID).

However we also want your input, we want you to tell us about your experiences and tell us about the cool things you have discovered and imagined in Mor Nadar. Some of these things we hope to include in future expansions so that you too can feel that you helped build a world together.

Mor Nadar
Mor Nadar is a place to relax and escape from the real world, if the project plays out in accordance with the vision you should be able to go there and interact with a huge number of things. Perhaps you want to look around the wilderness and forage for rare herbs to brew potions. Or maybe visit the lost wonders of the Brethren Empire far to the south. Possibly you are motivated to find rare books and learn new cultures or to decipher strange runes and understand the forgotten Aetheru language.

If you imagine these things amongst a backdrop of the Banshee filled lands on Na Glinn to the west, or the frozen realms of the Jotnar to the north then you are already well on your way to understanding Mor Nadar.

A key personal passion of mine is to make an atlas and lore book to explain all this, perhaps someday we can make that happen!

For now though our focus is showing you the immediate environments which relate to your path into Dun Mordhain.

Legends is designed so that we can expand it for you and give you more of everything to enjoy and experience. The first planned expansion is called:
‘A Step Into Darkness’ (nicknamed ASID).

We will share more of ASID when the current fulfilment campaign is over. We are still finalising exactly what it will comprise as we want to get your feedback first. For now though I can confirm the following:
It will give you a great deal more things to adventure with, more curiosities to discover, new characters to meet, different foes to fight. We will be adding some new content for the adventurers but the focus is primarily on giving you more things to interact with. That said, the Cinematic Campaign does mention new Guardians…

ASID will be fully compatible with Caves and Sewers, indeed it will enhance and enrich your experience using those sets and may also raise a few adventurer eyebrows when you realise there are other environments surrounding Dun Mordhain that the current group of adventurers were not familiar with.
We will explain more of that via a new campaign planned for Kickstarter later this year. 

Customer Service

If any of you need to get in touch please email us at:


 As the project draws to a close The Inspiring Games team would like to thank every single one of you for support and patience. The comments and feedback you have given us over the past few weeks have been amazing. It has been a long quest to reach that treasure chest but the goods within are all the more enjoyable for it.*

We only ever hoped we would get a few hundred of you to join is in the Weeping Caves, we are humbled that so many of you are now writing your own legends and sharing them with us!

I wish you and your families all the best and look forward to hearing more of your amazing stories with the game.



*this is Legends Untold here so we are probably talking about a bottle of mead not a pile of gold.

Shipping update and other things
about 1 month ago – Sat, Apr 13, 2019 at 11:36:57 PM

Hi guys, quick update from me:

Americas Lane Fulfilment

US Shipping

QML have now sent out the packages to all addresses for all backers. QML have also sent out their games to The Game Steward for those who purchase via our friends there.

Many of you have been sharing that you have received your games already - thank you!

Depending on your proximity to Florida the rest of you should be receiving your game next week or with some exceptions slightly later than that. 

Canadian Shipping

Snakes & Lattes have confirmed that the shipment has arrived with them safely - they will be sending out packages to those who backed and pre-ordered the game in the week commencing 21 April.

Other Shipping in the Americas

QML have sent out the packages. These will be with you but please allow for a period of time for it to arrive from Florida in line with normal expectations for such a journey.


This has been an incredible source of frustration for us at IG, our distribution partners and most importantly to you our backers and pre-order clients. Once again I am sorry, I will try to explain what has happened. Please rest assured we are very frustrated at the situation also, particularly given how smooth the Oceania and Americas shipping has been.

As you know the Al Zubara was carrying the container from Shanghai via the Suez Cannal to Rotterdam, where it was due to be transferred to another ship for onwards shipping to Grangemouth in Scotland where we at IG will complete fulfilment for you.

The ship which OTX arranged to collect the ship from Rotterdam has been rescheduled by the shipping company twice, they tell me that this is an extremely unusual situation, but that the feeder ships had to be rebooked because of 'stability issues'. I am told the container is now on the Andromeda J (Cypriot flag).

Looking at this ship on Vesselfinder suggests the ship is currently in Hull and due in to Grangemouth this week.  In my experience of this whole thing be very wary of trusting the eta date on Vesselfinder, the Al Zubara date moved by a week easily as it sat outside Rotterdam and also moved to different ports.

To be fair there is not much between Hull and Grangemouth in terms of likely port calls but I am putting the caveat to you all that I will await final confirmation that the container has arrived rather than say to you we will definitely have the games on XX day. It just seems to be a less exact science than I imagined it would be.

We know you want your games, we really want you to join the party and get your games. We will absolutely turn them around and get them out to you as soon as we can guys.

Once again I apologise for the delay.

Promo cards

A few of you have been asking about the cards marked 'NP' in the Caves box. The card code stands for Novice Promo and is a gift from us to you. The four Locations are based on rooms/areas of the NEC where the UKGE takes place. The three loot cards represent potential hints of things to come and also a pet Molog. We wanted to give you a fluffy Molog but it just not feasible, this was the next best thing. We tied all this together with two adventures to make a total of 8 promo cards for you. This therefore is the UKGE2017/2018 Novice Promo set (card code NP). We know that not everybody can make it to UKGE so this is our way of saying thanks to ALL of you.

You can use the cards as part of the Novice Promo Adventures and also intermix them with any other adventures as you wish.


For now we want to retain one version of this, it is placed here as many of you use BGG and it is easy to retain and modify. I know that you do not all use BGG, in due course we will create a copy on the IG Download Centre section when it settles down and seems stable.



A few of you have been asking about ASID. Here is an update of the master model showing how the environments mesh together. It is still a WIP just now and very much subject to change guys. This is us modelling out how potentially all the environments from Novice, ASID, Apprentice and Journeyman join together in a 3D environment:

Cool arty Dragon Dice picture!

A quick shout out to Vader Van Odin for this photograph on Instagram. Thank you so much, you have really captured those dice in a beautiful way!

That's all for now folks, I will be in touch next week when I hear more from OTX.

Wishing you and all your families the very best.



Shipping update
about 2 months ago – Mon, Apr 01, 2019 at 01:21:26 AM

Hey guys super quick one from me today:

Shipping update

Asia - as per my previous update I was somewhat overzealous in my expectations as to how long it takes things to reach the various parts of Asia from China.  I am told that everything has been sent out and should be arriving this week. If you have not received your games by the end of this week please let me know.

Oceania - everything has been posted out. We had one issue in NZ which turned up two days later. If any of you have not received your game please let me know. 

Americas - I'm pleased to say all the paperwork has been completed and the test packages have been approved. We are in a queue behind Gloom of Kilforth and Microbrew (two UK Indy Publishers whom I know well ironically), I'm told they should begin fulfilment in this coming week folks.

UK/Europe/RoW - The Al Zubara reached Rotterdam today - at last! Please note this is a further 4 days behind schedule from my last update and will impact on deliveries accordingly.  Apparently me shouting at the screen on Vesselfinder makes no impact on international container shipping...

 I would hope therefore that the games will now be with IG on 12th April at the latest. 

How to get the Sewers and Dragon Dice

A number of you in Asia and Oceania have got in touch to ask how you can now buy the Sewers set and or Dragon Dice.  These can be purchased via your local gaming shops who should get in touch with a distributor to source the produce. 

For Asia this is VFI.

For Australia/NZ this is VR Distribution. 


There has been a series of questions around the forthcoming ASID expansion and what it will include. I am also grateful to the comments here and for the thread on BGG which has outlined your wishlist.

Please note nothing is set in stone, we are still confirming our thoughts on future direction however many of our existing design decisions anticipated a number of your 'wishlist' items.

For now I will refresh your memories with this diagram showing you the two existing novice ranks environments alongside the three planned apprentice rank environments.

In due course we intend to share a revised version of this diagram showing you how the ASID content fits in to the world you have seen so far.

For now, best wishes to you and all your families.

And for those celebrating it - Happy Mother's Day!



Delivery update, Rules Errata
about 2 months ago – Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 02:47:39 AM

Hi guys,

Shipping Update

Rules Errata

a super quick update from me on shipping and our first rules errata.

Shipping Update

Oceania - 

Games have been received in Australia and now in New Zealand. Thank you very much for all of the notifications telling us you have received your games. Also thank you for the kind words and ratings on BGG. 

Asia - 

Games have been received in China, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea. They should be reaching Singapore and Thailand next week, with other destinations the week after at the latest. Apologies I got a bit overenthusiastic in the last update and thought they would all be with you by now.  VFI have been a great shipping partner to work with, I was inaccurate in my prediction on how long it would take mail to get across Asia.

Americas - 

The games are all with QML and they should start reaching some of you next week depending upon your proximity to Florida. I have 4 outstanding backers who have not supplied me with an address. I have tried to contact you via KS, BGG, Facebook and email. If you have received a message from me please respond.

Please note two of you are seasoned backers, having backed well over 200 projects each. Please do check your spam inboxes.

UK/RoW - 

For those of you following the Al Zubara, you may have noticed it came through the Bay of Biscay and then docked at Southampton. This was not unexpected however my understanding from there was that the ship would dock at Rotterdam and then we would receive a feeder vessel from Rotterdam due to get in to Grangemouth on 21 March. I then allowed for 7 days customs/onward transportation to IG and hence stated 28 March as the date the games would reach us for final fulfilment to you.

This has not happened. The ship left Southampton, then sailed for Le Havre and is currently in Hamburg. OTX tell me that the container will now arrive in Rotterdam on 27 March with the ETA of the vessel at Grangemouth revised to 1st April. I would hope therefore that the games will now be with IG on 8th April at the latest.

I totally get that many of you in the UK/Europe/RoW fulfilment lane will be disappointed with the shipping news, I share your frustration. Unfortunately I do not have much control over the shipping company OTX, however I will most definitely give you updates as soon as I know more. Our other shipping destinations (Australia and America) arranged by OTX have been on schedule with no hassle. To me the right thing to do is let you know now so that you are aware there is a currently an 11 day shipping delay caused via the freight shipping.

Rules Errata

I have been adding to the FAQ on BGG as we go. We now have our first rules errata - thanks to Nic Faussett for the query around Plot cards. 

Plot cards were introduced as a further surprise by us, a gift to the backers/purchasers. Plot cards are included for three reasons:

1) To represent how much of the Weeping Caves you uncover in the Campaign, you keep a tally of the amount you find and what that means will be revealed in a future expansion (if we fund).

2) They serve a specific purpose in a couple of the supplied Adventures.

3) They are there to encourage creativity in a homebrew Adventure. The idea is that these are omni cards that can be used to represent anything (hostages, devious traps, mystical spells that you set off). They are only bound by your own imagination really.

This should have been explained better by us in the book, it has been a genuine oversight. My apologies to you all. 

ERRATA FOR PAGE 24 of the Weeping Caves Campaign Book.
The last paragraph should read as follows:
Shuffle three Plot cards into the Adventure deck for each Episode in the Weeping Caves Campaign, except for WC-EP07 where they are not used. Plot cards are simply found and collected. Whenever you draw a Plot card from the Adventure deck always immediately draw the next card in the Adventure deck in line with the normal rules. The 'Plot Cards Found' column is used to write down how many Plot cards you find during a given Episode, these will be important at a later point.

For now I wish you and your families all the best.